C2 Partnerships LLC
  • Customer Relationship Management Consulting

    Our CRM consultants can help you automate business processes, improve team communication and better manage your customer relationships.
  • Digital Marketing Integration

    Manage online leads from social media, search campaigns and landing pages within your CRM.
  • Data Management Consulting

    Our experienced team can fulfill the most specialized data requirements

What We Do

C2 Partnerships, LLC is a Midwest-based company. Our mission is to help small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise customers work better by helping them access data they need. 

For SMBs we offer consulting and customizable CRM solutions to improve business processes, automate reporting and better manage customer relationships. For enterprise customers we offer custom data solutions to meet specialized requirements and objectives. 

Contact us to see how we can help your business.

CRM Consulting

Follow up with leads and customers. 
Customer info at your fingertips.
Integrate your digital marketing efforts .

Data Management

Our experienced team can fulfill the most specialized requirements.

Digital Marketing

Increase your social media reach.
Generate interest in your offerings.
Build brand awareness.